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Nhãn khoa cụ HSC NANO XP

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17:38 21/05/2020
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Introducing the HSC nano XP
The Nano Lines extra small and economically priced generator comes in two different versions: X and XP. The two generators impressively demonstrate that with SCHNEIDER, small size and investment don’t necessarily equal compromise in quality or lens geometry. Both machines feature robust and proven components and provide excellent results.

The HSC nano XP is specially made for those who want to start an independent freeform production in a very small space. With full milling capabilities for fast polycarbonate machining, automated tool adjustment and a high speed laser engraving system, the HSC nano XP offers a higher performance than the basic version.

Combining small size and low investment with high performance HSC nano XP delivers excellent value for money.

Small design, packed with technology
The HSC nano generator combines full freeform capability with the smallest footprint at the lowest investment. Its small space requirements opens up a great variety of new options. The machine can produce lenses in all kinds of different environments. Whether starting a dedicated freeform business in a small lab or producing lenses at a partner lab – the HSC nano XP is a great choice.

Despite being developed as a low cost solution, the HSC nano XP features highly advanced technology proven in hundreds of installations: The well-established HSC+G kinematics for rough cutting and cribbing allow for fast edge and surface milling. High stock removal and fast polycarbonate machining is guaranteed. High robustness is gained by using proven best-in-practice components from evaluated SCHNEIDER systems.

The newly developed robust LS-tec motor provides the longest stroke available in the market and pushes the machineable lens geometry range beyond current limits. No other generator can handle higher curves.

While size is scaled down, quality is maintained at the highest level. Decoupling of machine bed and environment secures best conditions for the high speed diamond cutting process resulting in the smoothest lens surfaces. A most modern laser engraving unit allows for highly accurate markings in a matter of seconds and therefore high productivity.

The touch panel and simple operation system, as well as motorized high precision tool adjustment, provide maximum ease of use.

The HSC nano option set
The small-sized HSC nano XP is designed to be highly modular.

The machine can be equipped to work with the latest generation laser module with its super speed galvo scanhead. The result is premium marking quality – better than that of mechanical engraving solutions. In addition, valuable production time can be saved with high level throughput.

In case of an unexpected external power problem, the Power Safety System (PSS) eliminates the risk of machine damage.

A pre-configured Lab Management System, combined with the SCHNEIDER Production Support Package (PSP), containing designs and consumables, provides everything that is needed for a fully independent freeform production.

Full remote capabilities enable quick and professional SCHNEIDER support at any location.

HSC nano XP
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