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18:59 22/05/2020
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Gói chức năng định vị động ngoài khơi của NAUTIS thương hiệu VSTEP. Được tin tưởng sử dụng bởi các công ty và viện đào tạo lớn. Đảm bảo chất lượng...
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The NAUTIS Offshore and Dynamic Positioning functionality and vessel package is used by a large variety of companies and training institutes in the offshore business such as oil companies, solar power companies, maintenance companies, offshore suppliers and many more.

It allows for manoeuvring with offshore support vessels and platform supply vessels in proximity to oil platforms and other offshore objects. Optional DP capabilities enable a computer-controlled system that can automatically maintain a vessel’s position and heading by using its own propellers and thrusters.  

Training applications 

Types of training include ship navigation, handling and manoeuvring of conventional and azimuth propulsion systems, assisting oil rigs, rig moves and joint multi-vessel exercises. Additionally, we offer any necessary walk-to-work solutions, ship-to-ship lightering training and single-point mooring.  

Other available assets to this module include a vast library of offshore vessels with different propulsions, a ship dynamics model based on forces with six degrees of freedom motion, towage functionality like adjustable interaction forces, an advanced rope dynamics system including line elasticity and snap force, the option to visualise all forces as vectors, bollard pull visibility for instructors, instructor control over towing, and mooring & anchor winches. 

The optional DP system controls the ship, its propulsions, movements and its behaviour using bits of information such as the vessel’s desired behaviour and environmental (meteorological) circumstances in order to transform these into steering signals for propulsion and rudders. The system is adaptive, which makes it possible to introduce a variety of faults and failures in order to improve its future behaviour.

Dynamic positioning can be used in a wide variety of maritime industries. It is most often used by companies operating in the offshore oil industry but can also be usefully employed for oceanographic research vessels, cable layer ships, cruise ships or icebreakers. 

Any operations at sea where mooring or anchoring are not feasible due to deep water, congestion at the sea bottom or other issues can benefit from the use of DP. 

NAUTIS Configurations

NAUTIS comes in a range of scalable options:

NAUTIS Desktop OSV & DP Setup

Portable simulators to train Dynamic Positioning and handling of OSVs with different types of propulsion systems during offshore operations.

NAUTIS Full Mission Bridge OSV & DP Setup

Train Dynamic Positioning and handling of OSVs with different types of propulsion systems during offshore operations on board an actual offshore vessel bridge replica.

Genaral Brochure
Size: 5.2 MB
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